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Tom Holland is an English armwrestler. He is the son of two former professional armwrestlers and has been armwrestling from a very early age.


Holland trains with the Slough Slammers out of Slough, England. Career highlights at the British National Championships include: 3rd (L, 75k division) 2011; 2nd (L & R, 75k) 2013; 2nd (L, 90k) and 2nd (L, Overall) 2015; 1st (R & L, 80k) and 1st (L, Overall) 2016; 2nd (R, 80k) 1st (L) , 3rd (R, Overall) and 1st (L, Overall) 2017. [1] At the Rochefort International Championships in Belgium, 2015, he placed 1st (R, 80k) and 3rd (L). [2]