Richard Lupkes


"Leviathan" Richard Lupkes (b. October 5th 1956) is a multiple time armwrestling world champion and former professional wrestler. He is currently a contender in the UAL's superheavyweight division (right-hand).[1]

Life and Career

Lupkes began armwrestling in 1974, coming in second place in the 1978 WPAA World Championships.[2] In 1986 he came in third place in the Over the Top tournament. He would go on to win his first title in 1988 at superheavyweight.[2] He won the World Championships again in 1989, then signed with the WCW to train to become a professional wrestler, but decided against continuing as the company wanted him to move to Japan, which would mean being away from his family.[2] In 1991, Lupkes retired from armwrestling due to injuries.

In 2007, Lupkes returned to armwrestling, winning the Grand Masters Heavyweight Division and coming in third in the open at the Unified National Armwrestling Championships in Kansas City, Missouri.[2] In 2008, he defeated Tim Bresnan and John Brzenk in the Heavyweight Division at the Arnold Classic, becoming the only person over the age of 50 to date to win.[2] In 2009 he beat Nick Zinna 3-0 for the Toproll Heavyweight Title, then won Unified Nationals in the Open, Masters, and Grand Masters Heavyweight Divisions.[2] He would continue his dominance in 2010, with his only loss being to Devon Larratt at Arm Wars "Sin City".[2]

In January of 2011, Lupkes won the UAL Superheavyweight Championship (Right-Hand), losing it in March of that year, for his only UAL title to date.[1]


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