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Neil "Supernatural" Pickup (born 1974) is a British former professional champion armwrestler and founder of Arm Wars.[1] Pickup is also the President of the British Armwrestling Federation, the governing body of armwrestling in the United Kingdom. He is considered to be the best British armwrestler in history.[2]

Early Career

In 1987 at the age of 13, Pickup attended the Over The Top armwrestling tournament in Manchester, UK, and became instantly hooked on the sport.[3] During his illustrious career he won many titles and tournaments. He is a two time European Armwrestling Federation and World Armwrestling Federation World Champion, has won 60 international titles across five different weight classes with both arms, and is the only British male in history to have been right arm World Champion.[2] Pickup lost three years of his career due to a bad arm break.[2]

Arm Wars

Pickup created Arm Wars to fill what he saw as a gap in the marketing of the sport, and to gather the best armwrestlers for supermatches.[4] He is the primary play-by-play announcer at Arm Wars events, with other armwrestlers, notably Dan Thomas and Geoff Hale, taking over play-by-play when Pickup is wrestling.


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