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Michael Todd (born 12th June 1973) also known as The Monster[1] is an American professional armwrestler fighting out of Little Rock, Arkansas. He holds 20 national and 16 world titles, placing him among the most reputable armwrestlers of all time.[2]  Due to multiple fractures of his right arm he has become famous for employing the King's Move technique, a topic which divides competitors and fans alike. 


Michael Todd was among the first champions of the Arm Wars Superseries, defeating numerous well known athletes including Marcio Barboza and Neil Pickup

On July 22nd, 2016, Todd faced Denis Cyplenkov at Armfight #46, losing 2-4.[3]

On Sept 5, 2018, in a Title V Title Supermatch, Todd defeated Devon Larratt 3-2 to win the WAL Right-Hand Heavyweight title, while retaining his Superheavyweight title.[4]

He is currently ranked by XSportNews as the 4th best right-handed armwrestler in the world, behind Levan Saginashvili, Dave Chaffee, and Dmitry Trubin.[5]

King's Move Controversy

Prior to multiple fractures of his right arm, Todd was known to be an explosive inside armwrestler, often sacrificing his hand in the straps and applying a Dead Wrist Press. After injuries made it difficult to bring his arm closer to his body however, Michael gained height in a match by dropping below the table, known as the King's Move. This unorthodox style of armwrestling, combined with Todd's endurance, is often very hard for opponents to overcome. Examples of such matches include against Richard Lupkes in 2012 at the Wounded Warrior Benefit, against Dmitry Trubin in 2017 at the Arnold Classic, and Devon Larratt at WAL 406 in 2018. Competitors such as John Brzenk, Dennis Cyplenkov and Devon Larratt have been able to overcome this awkward style through hand control, superior technique or pure strength.     





The Break Down Dmitry Trubin V Michael Todd


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