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The King's Move is a technique used primarily when in a defensive position. It is often called "the most hated move in armwrestling" and debate rages about whether it should be allowed or not in competitive armwrestling. Michael Todd is arguably the most famous practitioner of this move.

How to Kings Move


Note: The King's Move is especially dangerous, and should not be attempted by amateurs.

The King's Move is primarily used when in a defensive position. The entire body drops below the table (except for the hand holding the peg and the elbow which must stay on the pad), straightening the arm almost completely. This essentially creates a bone lock, making it very difficult to pin a competitor. It often results in longer matches.


The move is controversial among armwrestlers, with some advocating its use and others declaring it should be made illegal. John Brzenk has stated he believes it should be illegal, while Devon Larratt has stated he believes it to be a legitimate technique.[1] In a poll conducted by, 65% of voters described the move as a "joke" that they did not want to see in armwrestling.[2]

The WAF, in an attempt to limit the King's Move body position, has placed a rule in effect that makes it illegal to drop the competition shoulder (i.e. the shoulder of the arm that is wrestling) below the table (rule 8.1.6).[3] [4]