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Devon Larratt (born 24th April 1975) is a professional armwrestler, and is widely considered to be one of the best armwrestlers in the world.[1] He is the current Left and Right-Arm WAL Heavyweight Champion and Left Arm Arm Wars Super-Heavyweight Champion[2]. He has been married to Jodi Larratt since 2003.

Life and Career

Born in Victoria B.C., Canada, Larratt's interest in armwrestling began at an early age.[2] After joining the Canadian Special Forces at the age of 21, Larratt continued to train and compete, and he credits the experience gained at different bases as a large part of his success.[3] In 2013, Larratt had surgery on his right arm and elbow, forcing him to compete left-handed only. Larratt is still the Right-Arm Arm Wars Super-Heavyweight title holder, but due to the surgery can not defend his title. Michael Todd currently holds the Interim Right-Arm Arm Wars Super-Heavyweight title.[4]

In 2015, Larratt won the WAL's Left-Arm Heavyweight (196-225lb) title. He also took 3rd place in the Right-Arm.[5] In 2016, Larratt successfully defended his WAL Left-Arm title, and also won the WAL Right-Arm Heavyweight championship. In 2017, Larrat successfully defended both of his WAL titles.[6]

In 2018, Larratt defeated Jerry Cadorette in a supermatch at WAL 402. At WAL 406 he lost to Michael Todd with a score of 3-2. And at the long awaited Vendetta All Stars - Armfight 50# he lost to Denis Cyplenkov with a score of 6-0.





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