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Devon Larratt (born 24th April 1975) is a professional armwrestler, and is renown for his immense table IQ. He is a master of virtually all arm wrestling techniques and has been known to surprise his opponents with his strategy and versatility. Larratt is universally recognized as the most famous arm wrestler in the world, and is widely considered to be the most skilled.[1] He is the current Left and Right-Arm WAL Heavyweight Champion and Left Arm Arm Wars Super-Heavyweight Champion[2]. He has been married to Jodi Larratt since 2003.

Life and Career

Born in Victoria B.C., Canada, Larratt's interest in armwrestling began at an early age.[2] After joining the Canadian Special Forces at the age of 21, Larratt continued to train and compete, and he credits the experience gained at different bases as a large part of his success.[3]

In 2013, Larratt had surgery on his right arm and elbow, forcing him to compete left-handed only. In 2013, Larratt beat Oleg Zhokh, Wilton Brock, and Eric Woeful at UAL 4 to retain his left hand heavyweight title.[4]

After recovering from elbow surgery, Devon Larratt joined the WAL startup league in 2014, where he returned to win the left-handed title, defeating Marcio Barboza, 3-0.[5] At the same event, Larratt lost the right-handed title to Marcio Barboza 0-3.[6]

In the right handed semi-finals, Larratt lost to American arm-wrestling legend John Brzenk. While Larratt won the first match in the straps, Brzenk displayed superior hand control and dominated the next two matches outside of the straps to win 2-1.[7]

In 2015, Larratt won the WAL's Left-Arm Heavyweight (196-225lb) title after Marcio Barboza withdrew (injury). He also took 3rd place in the Right-Arm.[8] In 2016, Larratt successfully defended his WAL Left-Arm title, and also won the WAL Right-Arm Heavyweight championship. In 2017, Larrat successfully defended both of his WAL titles.[9]

In 2018, Larratt defeated Jerry Cadorette in a supermatch at WAL 402. At WAL 406 he lost to Michael Todd with a score of 3-2 in what is widely considered to be one of the most controversial arm wrestling matches in WAL history. And at the long awaited Vendetta All Stars - Armfight 50# he lost to Denis Cyplenkov with a score of 6-0.

Devon Larratt is He is currently ranked by XSportNews as the 3rd best right-handed armwrestler in the world, behind Levan Saginashvili, and Vitaly Laletin.[10]





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