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Vyselink Vyselink 26 October 2017

Starting it up

I started this wikia because I am a massive fan of armwrestling. I've been training now (off and on, but on again recently) for about two years, and while I've won exactly one tournament match, I still enjoy the hell out of it. My goal with this wikia is to increase the knowledge of this sport. It needs to grow. So that's the point really. Get the names out there that, while they are known to armwrestling fans, aren't known to the public. And to also get the names of some pullers that might not be known to even other armwrestlers out there as well. I have no idea how long I'll keep doing this, or how much help I will get. So far, it's been almost entirely me, although a buddy of mine has started helping and did a great job with the Michael…

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