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Armwrestling is a fun and growing sport, but information is not easily accessible. The purpose of this wiki is to hopefully increase the knowledge of the history of this amazing sport, as well as a way for people to discover the greats of the sport. Come help me make this a great wiki. Please see contents to start adding information and help make this a great source for armwrestling fans.

About Armwrestling

Armwrestling (sometimes Arm Wrestling) is a contact sport involving strength, speed, skill and technique. Some of the biggest names in the sport include John Brzenk, universally regarded as the greatest armwrestler of all time, Devon Larratt, Michael Todd, Ron Bath, Sarah Backman, Cody Rhodes and others.


Armwrestling Clubs

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Armwrestling Training and Techniques

Competitive Armwrestling Rules (General)

List of Professional Armwrestlers

List of Governing Bodies/Professional Leagues

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